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I ordered the mogali biryani and it came with a vegetable curry which i wouldnt have ordered if i had known, i rang the shop because i thought it was a mistake on their part but it wasnt. I asked why doesnt the menu state it has this curry with it and my reply was that he didnt know
placed by Anonymous on the 24th November 2020


Foods always delicious
placed by Lee Tudor on the 10th October 2020

The best

Always delivered on time and the food is awesome
placed by Colin Emery on the 11th September 2020

Mr Cox

Great food ,great value,and on time.
placed by Ian Cox on the 29th July 2020

Amazing as always

Best Indian in Cardiff without a doubt! Always amazing food and arrives early every time
placed by Anonymous on the 17th May 2020

Amazing food always

I always use Standard. They are by far rge best Indian in Cardiff. Food is always amazing. I can't recommend them enough!
placed by Anonymous on the 22nd April 2020

Just lush

A family number recommended this place and I’m so glad we tried! We were not disappointed. Everyone enjoyed their meals. Temperature was perfect too. This is probably going to be our regular place now.
placed by Cerys Ryan on the 10th April 2020

Miss Gill

Never had a bad meal in almost 30 years
placed by Claire Gill on the 10th April 2020


Excellent food best in town
placed by Lee Tudor on the 14th March 2020

setting the standard

ive ordered from here countless times (over 30) and ive only ever encounterd a slight issue twice. once when there fryer broke down the bajjis didnt crisp up at all, and the other time i received less bajjis than expected, phone them up on the next order and recived twice as much. this place allways gets at least 4 (usually 5) food hygiene rating where you can lose 2 stars from incorrect paperwork. honnestly look up your regular takeaway and i can say with 80% certainty it will be a 3 or lower rating. the only downside to this place is the chips for some reason they sweat in the bag so there not crispy by the time they arrive so instead id reccomend ordering rice or a naan bread. if you havnt tried this place before give it a go it will become your new favorite too
placed by David Glennie on the 11th March 2020

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